Two Centurion Lounges Temp Closed, WOW Air Dodges BK, US Families Carrying More Debt

Amex Centurion Lounge in Las Vegas
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The Morning Shave

2 American Express Centurion Lounges To Close, Only Temporarily. – It’s a bummer when lounges are closed, but I’m excited to see what they look like once they’re refreshed. The DFW Centurion Lounge in Dallas is much better than the old one. While those lounges are closed, don’t forget about these 15 hidden benefits of the American Express Platinum Card.

Has Amex Become The Least Transparent Lender Almost Overnight? – Banks are starting to turn the screws on applications making it harder than ever to get approved. The new language from American Express is really scary because it seems that they can do whatever they want without an applicant knowing what the real rules of the game are.

American Express Platinum credit card Lee

WOW Air Dodges Bankruptcy With a Last-Minute $75 Million Investment. – It’s a good thing that the airline was saved, but we’ll have to wait and see what the service offering looks like with new investors. It seems that West Coast flights to Iceland are a thing of the past and in-flight amenities may be cut. Let’s hope that the $99 flight specials will still be available.

American families carrying more credit card debt than last year. – Let this be a reminder that earning airline miles and hotel points through credit cards are only worth it if you don’t pay any interest or late fees. Please be sure to pay off the balance in full each month and set up automatic payment of the minimum so you don’t get hit with unexpected fees.

6 habits of successful card reward experts. – The number one habit is being organized. The world of airline miles, hotel points, and credit cards can turn into a tornado in a hurry if you aren’t able to keep track of everything. That’s why I use Award Wallet to keep track of my miles and points and Personal Capital to keep track of my credit cards.

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