TSA PreCheck at LAX International, 10 Most Popular Attractions in 2018, Why Travelers Eat At McD’s

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Welcome to The Morning Shave. We read a ton of travel articles each day for our personal research and to share the best travel tips and tricks with you. Here are the articles for Sunday, January 13, 2019, that we think you should read.

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The Morning Shave

These Were the 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions of 2018. – How many of these attractions have you been to? I’ve been to eight of them. I’d love to hit the last two… exploring Venice and Barcelona with Anna and the kids.

TSA PreCheck Arrives at Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. – I love being able to skip lines, keep my shoes on, and have liquids & computers stay in my bag. It is odd that it took so long for TSA PreCheck to be added, but I’m sure it has to do with the airlines paying for it or getting approvals from the regulators. And when airports have CLEAR, I’m even happier because I get to cut to the front of the PreCheck line! If you’d like a free two-month trial to CLEAR, use my referral link.

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We’re Loving It: 6 Reasons Savvy Travelers Eat at International McDonald’s. – I’m pretty picky about food, but I generally try to eat at local restaurants when I travel. If it is a long trip, I can understand being a little homesick and wanting the comforts of what is familiar. And it is hard to beat the free wifi and (semi) clean bathrooms.

Google Starts Piloting Voice Products for Airlines and Hotels. – You can check into hotels and your flights with Google’s voice-powered assistant. How cool is that? You can avoid the “work” of typing on your keyboard, moving the mouse, or using your thumbs on your phone. Technology is pretty amazing.

Travel Souvenirs: How Do You Remember Your Trips? – We always buy a magnet and a Christmas ornament wherever we go. The magnets are year-round reminders and the ornaments evoke so many memories as we put them on the tree. It totally inspires us to make plans for the following year. What about you?

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