Jamaica Resorts Covered Up Sexual Assaults, TSA Shortage Causes Terminal Closure, Credit Card Superuser Secrets

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The Morning Shave

Miami Airport Terminal Closing Early Due To TSA Shortage. – The government shutdown is now affecting travelers in ways that are completely expected. If people aren’t getting paid, they’re going to find ways to avoid work. Going to work has costs such as gas, parking, clothing, and childcare. They do important work and should have every expectation of getting paid for doing their job.

Jamaica resorts covered up sexual assaults, silenced victims for years. – Of course, we need to hear both sides of the story, but this is absolutely horrible. As a son, husband, and father, I couldn’t imagine how I would react if one of the women in my life were raped and the hotel it happened at acted this way.

Concerns Mount Over Impact of Government Shutdown on Travel. – The new airport near Seattle may not open on time and Delta may be forced to delay their first flights with their newest plane, the Airbus 220, due to the government shutdown.

Secrets of credit card superusers. – If you want to supercharge your credit card rewards, learn some lessons from these credit card superusers. For example, add a small sticker to the back of your credit cards so you can keep track of which card to use based on the bonus rewards it can earn.

How Air Travel Will Change in 2019. – Big changes are coming this year. Are you ready to share your biometrics to save time? CLEAR is the leader in airport security and its biometric scans are now being used with Hertz, Delta SkyClub, and baseball stadiums. You can get a free two-month trial when you use my referral link.

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