Aeromexico Trolls Trump, Free National Car Rental Elite Status, AirBnB Spying Nightmare

Royal Carribean, Oasis of the Seas
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The Morning Shave

Free National Executive Elite Status For American Express Cardholders. – If you don’t already have a National car rental account, you can get elite status for free for a limited time. This is a great offer for people who don’t travel enough to earn status with another rental car agency.

Mexico’s largest airline is trolling the US with a brilliant ad about Trump’s border policies. – It’s funny how quickly people change their opinion when there’s a discount available. I don’t have any Mexican in me (that I know of), but I’ll take the test and cross my fingers. I’m thirsty for some margaritas!

Man Banned for Life From Royal Caribbean Cruises After Recklessly Jumping From 11-floor Balcony. – Ok, now this is just dumb. Hit the water wrong from 11 stories up and you could be permanently injured or disabled. The voyeur in me wanted to see him actually hit the water though.

This Airbnb Spying Nightmare Is a Reminder That Staying in Strangers’ Homes Is Still Creepy. – Yet another reason why I haven’t stayed at an AirBnB-style property yet. This is a rare situation, but it easier for this type of thing to happen at an unregulated home versus a hotel that has more protocols in place to protect guests.

The One Tactic That Helped Me Pay Off My Debt Faster: 5 Stories. – The less debt you have, the better your credit score. And when you’re not spending money paying down debt, you’ll have more money to take awesome vacations! Follow these five stories for some great tips on how to improve your finances.

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