When Will Southwest Fly To Hawaii?, Glamp in Style in Yosemite, How to Pre-Qualify For Credit Cards

North Shore Hawaii 2016-03
Timmy on the North Shore of Hawaii
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The Morning Shave

You Can Go Glamping Oregon Trail Style in Yosemite’s New Covered Wagons. – This would be a really cool experience. Not in the winter, but maybe in the spring or fall. The summer would be too hot and there would be too many bugs. Reserve now to get a 2-for-1 special with the promo code in the article.

Southwest+Hawaii = Not The News We Were Hoping For. – It’s a shame that it is taking so long for Hawaii flights to be available, but it’s a short-term pain. Most people will not be affected if ticket sales start in December vs. January. Hopefully, Southwest will make it up to us with an awesome sale to re-energize ticket sales once they get approval.

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Takes Off
Photo courtesy of Southwest Airlines.

It’s time to stop complaining about kid & baby noise on planes. – True, a good pair of noise-canceling headphones works wonders. Beyond that, noises are going to happen. Just deal with it. If the kid’s noises are loud to you, they are even louder to the parent who is just an arm’s length away. Trust me, if anyone wants the kid to pipe down, it is them.

Why Do Hotel Companies Have So Many Brands? – I understand the hotels are trying to appeal to niche audiences, but there are entirely too many brands from each hotel chain. Most people have a hard time knowing which brand belongs to which program. By having so many options, brand loyalty is eroded not enhanced.

How to Pre-Qualify for Best Credit Cards and Get Approved. – Don’t harm your credit score by applying for credit cards that you can’t get approved for. Use the banks’ pre-qualification tools to find out which credit cards you are pre-approved for to improve your chances of success.

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