How To Escape A Timeshare, IRS Watching Social Media, How To Save On Next Hotel Stay

Diamond Resorts Cabo Azul timeshare 2013-05
Diamond Resorts Cabo Azul in San Jose del Cabo. One of our favorite timeshare locations.
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The Morning Shave

The IRS wants to use social media to catch tax cheats. – Santa isn’t the only one who knows if you’ve been naughty or nice. Be careful what you share on social media. Showing off your big baller lifestyle may get you more than likes and comments. You may also get some shiny new bracelets (aka handcuffs).

Trapped in a timeshare? Here’s how to escape. – Timeshares can be awesome when used correctly, but they can also blow a huge hole in your wallet. Annual dues continue to rise and availability for your favorite resorts can be less than ideal. Some great tips here on how to escape from your timeshare ownership.

Marriott Grande Vista Orlando timeshare main pool
We traded into the Marriott Grande Vista Orlando a couple of years ago.

This Ski Resort is Offering a ‘Dumb & Dumber’ Vacation Package, Tuxes & Top Hats Included. – What a creative promotion. Not sure if it is worth that much money, but if you have the cash, this could be an epic vacation.

Be Careful What You Flush in the Lavatory: The Crazy Reason American Flight 20 Diverted on Christmas. – Airplane bathrooms are not like real bathrooms. One monster burrito can clog those suckers. Be careful and don’t flush paper towels, diapers, etc. down the toilet. Thanks.

20 Secret Ways to Save on Your Next Hotel Stay. – Don’t pay full price. Here are some excellent tips to save money during your next hotel stay. Use the savings to book another trip, enjoy a great dinner, or have more fun during your vacation.

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  1. Timeshares are just the worst. If they were one tenth as great as they advertise, they wouldn’t need to resort to mafia tactics to sell you one.

    • I’ve enjoyed our timeshares, but sometimes question the amount we pay each year against the places that we stay. Some of them are amazing, while others are meh. I agree that the industry as a whole can be quite shady. I’ve seen some horrible, high-pressure sales tactics used. I feel sorry for people that get stuck and cannot get out.

      • Besides the extraordinarily shady methods that timeshare companies use on potential customers, I just don’t see value in any timeshare that I’ve looked at. For instance, one place my wife and I stayed on the beach near Tampa cost us around $800 for a 2 bedroom for a week. The maintenance fees were around the same amount, and of course it cost money to buy into as well. Then you’re more or less stuck there forever at a place that’s nice enough, but certainly no bargain. Do you find real value in your timeshares?

        • The big upfront cost is the huge hurdle to timeshare ownership. If you can buy on the secondary market for cheap, then timeshares can make sense. However, many timeshare companies keep ramping up the annual dues making them less of a good deal, no matter what price you buy in at. You can always rent a timeshare on a one-time basis at websites like Endless Vacations without buying anything. Best of all, with Endless you’re not required to sit through a timeshare presentation.

          Lately, I’ve even seen some of the timeshare locations we’ve visited on Groupon or other discount websites, further reducing any incentive to buy one (directly or on the secondary market).

          We like our timeshares. We liked them better when we were on the West Coast and there were more locations within a short drive. Now that we’re in Nashville, there aren’t many attractive locations within our network that we can drive to for a weekend trip. That has reduced the value we see in our membership and has me thinking of ways to get out of the ownership.

    • Hey Christian, I don’t want to give trolls the ability to spew their hate, so I manually approve all comments. If I’m away from my computer for awhile, it can take some time to approve comments. Thanks for your understanding. Hope you have a Happy New Year!


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