United Latest To Increase Bag Fees, Uber Kicks Out Low-Rated Passengers, Delta Flight Museum Experience

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The Morning Shave

Uber Starts Kicking Passengers Off the Platform for Low Ratings. – You may not always get a 5* rating, but if you act like a normal human being and treat others with respect, you should always get a 4*. It seems like many drivers are downgrading passengers if they don’t tip. If you haven’t used Uber or Lyft yet, use my referral links for a special sign-up bonus.

United Airlines Joins JetBlue, Others in Raising Bag Fees. – Even more reason to bring your bag as a carry-on get one of the airline co-branded credit cards to get your checked bag fees waived.

SkipHop best travel suitcase for kids square
Scarlett knows it is all about the carry-on

What Confuses People Most About The Marriott & Starwood Integration. – Yes, it is entirely odd that they’re keeping both names for now. At least they’ve Frankenstein’d the best (mostly) of the two programs… for the time being. Speaking of that…

Don’t Forget That This is the High Point of the Marriott Program, It Gets Worse From Here. – True, Marriott executives have said that some redemptions will go up in price. But we’re also in the honeymoon period right now. They want to keep loyalists from defecting to other brands in the short-term. Soon, they’ll go back to their normal devaluation ways. Are you sticking with Marriott or focusing on another hotel brand? Let us know in the comments below.

Have a layover in Atlanta? The Delta Flight Museum will renew your appreciation for air travel. – I love that Delta has a flight simulator available to the public so we can get a better appreciation for just how tough a pilot’s job is. Next time I’m in Atlanta, I’m definitely going here.

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  1. The Marriott merger incorporated most of the worst of both programs. If you were Marriott previously, this actually still improved things for you. If you were a Starwood fan, things got a lot worse.


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