Southwest Increases Early Bird by up to 66%, Price Protection Benefits, Stay in a Waterfall Powered Pub

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Takes Off
Photo courtesy of Southwest Airlines.
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Welcome to The Morning Shave. We read a ton of travel articles each day for our personal research and to share the best travel tips and tricks with you. Here are the articles for Sunday, August 19, 2018, that we think you should read.

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The Morning Shave

What Is Price Protection, Why Is It Valuable and Which Credit Cards Offer It?. – Price protection is one of the awesome benefits of some credit cards that most people aren’t aware of. If you are able to maximize this benefit, it can be worth far more than the sign-up bonus because it resets every year!

Southwest Airlines Changes Early Bird Pricing Model. – Southwest is my favorite domestic airline, but it is making it harder to “LUV” them when they keep raising prices. I rarely buy Early Bird, but it is concerning to me that the fees have now increased up to 150% from when they were first introduced. It may have been more acceptable if they had lowered the fee from $15 to $10 on short flights while increasing it on longer flights.

Next Phase of the Heart Brand
Want first pick of seats on Southwest? It will now cost up to 66% more.

Millennials Seek Safety and Convenience for Family Vacations. – It’s true when you have a young family, you want a vacation that is simple and affordable. Even if you are OK with a complicated itinerary, children aren’t always so cooperative.

You can stay overnight at Carlsberg’s waterfall-powered pub. – This unique hotel should be on the bucket list for anyone beer lover that enjoys traveling. It is available to book through AirBnB, so you can save $40 on your first AirBnB stay when using our referral link. You can’t use points to book this hotel, but you can use a card like the Capital One Venture card to stay here for free.

Would you swap seats on a flight is asked by another person? – Whenever I travel solo, I’m more than willing to swap seats with someone… as long as it’s not a middle seat. Then it would take some convincing! I’m a big believer in karma (aka treating others how you want to be treated) and I’ve been fortunate when traveling with my family that others have repaid my previous good behavior by allowing us to sit together. Bottom line… be nice and, eventually, the good deed will be repaid.

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