New Universal Theme Park Coming, Biggest Aviation Mysteries, Lifetime Elite Status Worth Chasing?

Runamukka Reef at Volcano Bay
Runamukka Reef at Volcano Bay. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando.
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The Morning Shave

10 of the world’s biggest aviation mysteries. – As the final report on Flight MH370’s disappearance is published, it’s interesting to dive into some of these other unsolved mysteries. With as many flights happen on a daily basis, I’m surprised there aren’t more mysteries today. But that just shows you how far technology has come in the last 100 years of aviation.

Could Universal Orlando Be Adding a Fourth Theme Park? – Awesome! Even more reason to visit Orlando and stay for awhile. The theme parks I grew up attending in SoCal are great, but the immersive experience in Orlando is top-notch because they have so much land to allow you to really dive into the experience.

Universal Orlando Volcano Bay
Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Volcano Bay.

Is lifetime frequent flyer elite status a goal worth chasing? – Elite status with airlines used to mean so much more. But now that there are so many elites, unless you are top-tier, mid-level status gives you about the same rewards as being a cardholder of the airline’s co-branded credit card. To me, there simply isn’t enough reward for the average flyer.

6 reasons why you shouldn’t think of miles and points as “free” travel. – I like that the author mentions “opportunity cost” because you could be earning cash back when spending on a travel card and you could be doing other things with your time besides travel or activities required to earn those travel rewards. This is especially true for people who do mileage runs and mattress runs.

The best ways to book Delta’s new private suites using points. – Finally, an excellent use of the Virgin Atlantic miles that have been sitting in my account for years. Although, now I may need to get some more so that Anna or one of the kids can fly with me.

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