Southwest Cancels Multiple Same Day Reservations, IHG’s Upscale Brand, Free Parking in Vegas

Southwest launches service from Los Angeles to Liberia, Costa Rica

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The Morning Shave

IHG introduces Voco, a new upscale brand. – I don’t quite understand why hotel chains need to have so many brands. This will be IHG’s 14th brand, while Marriott now has 30 and Hilton has 14 with two more on the way. I understand catering to specific niches, but consumers get confused with too many choices.

Reminder: Don’t book multiple Southwest reservations on the same day. – I’ve had this happen to me once when I booked extra flights because I wasn’t sure when my meetings would be over. Not cool when they cancel your extra reservations.

Southwest Heart One
Photo courtesy of Southwest. Photo Credit: Stephen M. Keller

Wynn bucks trend, lands on free parking. – With so many Las Vegas casinos charging for parking now, it’s good to see that the Wynn is offering ways for parking to be free. They need all of the good publicity they can get after their founder’s bad behavior forced him out of his company.

Here’s What to Do If You Get Anxious About Turbulence. – Drinking excessively is not the answer. Seriously though, I’ve never heard of this approach. It totally makes sense because when you’re focused on doing something you’re not used to, you can’t focus on your fears.

Family suite’s bathroom on Spectrum of the Seas to hang over ship’s side. – Ok, this is seriously cool! I can only imagine how beautiful the views would be and how relaxing it would be to chill in the tub watching the sunset.

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