How Much Cash to Carry, When PreCheck Isn’t On Boarding Pass, Americans’ Favorite Activity


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The Morning Shave

The Rainbow Mountain in Peru Look Unreal — But You Can Actually Go Here. – The world is full of amazing sights and experiences that are completely natural. I would love to visit here and the hike and journey to get there would be just as fun. Would you hike several hours just to view something so beautiful?

Money Talk: How much cash do you carry when you travel? – I carry as little as possible but like to have $20-50 worth of local currency for situations where a street vendor or small shop doesn’t accept credit cards. As a rule of thumb, never convert currency at the airport, always use bank ATMs, and make sure you’re using an ATM card that reimburses for foreign ATM fees.


U.S. Airports with the Best Public Transportation Options. – As a frequent traveler, I love it when I don’t need to rent a car and can easily take public transportation (or simply walk) to get around. The lack of well thought out public transportation is one of my great frustrations living in SoCal.

When TSA PreCheck isn’t printed on your boarding pass. – This can be totally frustrating. And it can happen when you’re booking your ticket through a 3rd-party or someone at work books a ticket for you. When checking in online, always make sure that your airline loyalty number and TSA PreCheck number are linked to your ticket.

The One Activity Americans Enjoy Doing Most on Vacation. – Checking their social media accounts for likes and comments? Nah, it just feels that way. I totally agree with the survey answer. “Doing nothing” at home is not relaxing because there’s always something to do, clean, or repair. Whereas, while traveling, you feel free from life’s responsibilities and can just chill without guilt.

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