New Star Wars Hotel Details, Southwest Cancels Midway Flights, Trump Proposes Sale of Dulles & Reagan Airports

Disney World Star Wars Hotel
Image courtesy of Disney, ABC, and Star Wars.

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The Morning Shave

‘How does one airline run out of de-icer?’: Some gripes at Midway after Southwest’s cancellations. – As much as I love Southwest, I’m calling BS on their efforts to call this a weather-related event.  It isn’t.  The weather had nothing to do with their pump malfunctioning and running out of de-icer.  They should make sure to take care of those stranded passengers.

Disney World Just Revealed Exciting New Details About the Star Wars Hotel. – I’m going to bet that this will be one of the highest demand hotels in history.  I can only imagine the cool themed events and parties they’ll have at the Star Wars hotel.  So cool!

Trump proposes sale of Dulles and Reagan airports in infrastructure plan. – As much as government agencies can screw up an airport, the private sector can just as easily cut corners to increase profits.  I’m not sure which Devil I would rather dance with.  How about you?

What was the worst flying experience you ever had? – Hands down, I know my answer.  We were flying to North Carolina on an overnight flight to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge Concord, just outside of Charlotte.  About an hour into the 5-hour flight, Timmy (age 18 months at the time) got sick and threw up all over me.  The worst thing is that I didn’t have any clothes to change into, so had to sleep in the soiled clothes for the rest of the flight from LAX.

The best free travel tool for any trip planning (flight). – Google did the right thing by snatching up this awesome flight planning tool.  Unfortunately, I heard that they’re discontinuing their support of the tool, so it will no longer be updated.  Hopefully, they’ll integrate the best features of ITA Matrix into something better and make the user interface more consumer-friendly.

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