Where Germs Are At The Airport, Airlines Splitting Passengers, Scam Of Flying Pets


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Welcome to The Morning Shave.  We read a ton of travel articles each day for our personal research and to share the best travel tips and tricks with you.  Here are the articles for Saturday, February 10, 2018, that we think you should read.

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The Morning Shave

Girl, 13, Is the Latest Hiker to Die After Falling Off Angel’s Landing at Zion National Park. – Such a horrible tragedy.  An unfortunate reminder that beautiful scenery can still be quite dangerous.  We have to really watch out for young children, but you think that teenagers will be fine because they’re almost adults.  I feel for this family.

Where the Most Germs Lurk at Airports and Aboard Airplanes. – Disgusting.  Wash your hands and bring disinfectant wipes with you whenever you travel.  Stay healthy people!  Here are my tips how to save money when you’re sick.


4 Reasons you Should Always Book Travel With Points! – Just like the author, I try to book all of my travel with miles and points instead of cash.  I prefer my cash to stay invested or to use it to pay off debt faster.  What about you?

Airlines facing investigation for splitting up passengers who refuse to pay extra. – Remember that airlines (and most businesses) are designed to create ways to upsell you to increase their revenue.  Obviously you want to sit next to the person that you’re traveling with, so they know you’re a good candidate to pay extra.  Regulations aren’t always the answer, but when businesses get sneaky and seek to punish you for not paying extra, 1) you need to avoid doing business with them and 2) someone needs to step in and stop them from acting this way.

It’s Time to End the Scam of Flying Pets. – I understand that people have emotional needs.  And some of those needs are extremely overpowering.  But the needs of the people around you shouldn’t be diminished becase you want/need to fly with your animal.  Unfortunately, some people have taken advantage of the situation and it almost seems like a game trying to figure out how you can outdo the person before you with an even crazier animal.  Enough is enough.  I’m glad that airlines are cracking down and requiring proof of need rather than just taking people at their word because people are taking advantage of the situation way too much.

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