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We are so excited to announce that is in the running for The People’s Choice Award at the 2017 Plutus Awards.

Best Frugal Travel Blog

It was already a huge honor to be a finalist for the Best Frugal Travel Blog, so to be in the top 10 in voting for The People’s Choice Award is absolutely thrilling!

2017 8th Annual Plutus Awards Finalists Best Frugal Travel Blog

Vote The People’s Choice Award at 2017 Plutus Awards

While the voting for each individual award is complete, The People’s Choice Award voting is live through Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 11:59 pm Eastern time.

We appreciate all of your support for the blog and would love it if you would vote for us for The People’s Choice Award.  Simply, click this link and enter your name and email address, then submit.

The People's Choice Award at 2017 Plutus Awards

There is solid competition for The People’s Choice Award.  So your help is needed if we’re going to win the trophy!

Why Personal Finance?

You may be asking how a travel blog fits in with personal finance.  To me, it is pretty simple and fits in with our motto of “Travel More. Spend Less. Live Better.”

When you are able to save money on travel, you can use those savings to improve your finances by paying down debt, investing in your future, or building up your rainy day fund.

No matter how much money you make, after paying all of the bills, there is only so much money left.  If you can reduce your expenses in one area of your life, that money is now available to go towards other goals.

The Bald Thoughts

Thank you for your support.  And we’d love your vote for The People’s Choice Award.  It would mean the world to us if we won.  We’ve been working hard to provide value to our readers and we look forward to bringing even more value going forward!

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