Geeks Unite for Points with Playstation Credit Card!


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While we are all credit card points geeks for flights, travel, and cash back – there is now a card for gamers! Sony Rewards and Capital One partnered together to announce the new PlayStation Credit Card! It makes you wonder where credit cards are going to start penetrating consumer spending next. Starbucks? More emerging online retailers? The remaining big box retailers? Car dealerships?

Playstation credit card
I swear Lee has every credit card already… but does he have this one?  It has his name on it.  haha

Playstation Credit Card Introduced

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The Playstation Credit Card perks

Upfront, the Playstation credit card gives much value to the geek! With just one purchase, you will receive a $50 Store code – which is good for a new game! Not bad if video games with your friends are your idea of fun and enjoyment!

Below are the points and benefits breakdown!

  • 5x points on purchases in the Playstation Store.
  • 5x points on Playstation and Sony products at authorized retailers
  • 3x points when paying your mobile phone bill
  • 1x points on everything else
  • 50% back as a statement credit off 12 month Playstation Plus Membership after $3,000 in purchases made in a year
  • 10% back as a statement credit on Playstation Vue, Music, and Now
  • No annual fee
  • See the full breakdown here!

Playstation credit card benefits

After crunching the numbers, 1 Playstation Point is worth just about 1 cent. As a daily spend, you would need to spend $6,000 for a $60 video game…needless to say, I wouldn’t recommend this for your daily Red Bull fix.

However, getting 5% back on your Playstation Store spend with the Playstation credit card could be hefty! In 2016, $24.5 billion dollars was spent on video games and related products according to Forbes. This means lots of opportunity for racking up points and saving money.

Gamers spend hundreds of dollars per year on games and other items. The return with the Playstation credit card can prove to be worth it.

The Bald Thoughts

With any credit card, look at what the rewards are to suit your need & wants for your lifestyle. If you are a hardcore gamer with the PlayStation platform, I would definitely recommend the Playstation credit card. With no annual fee, there is no fear in taking this card. You can rack up points, and continue your gaming with less cost to you!

Are you a big gamer? Have you jumped on this great offer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. This is not a new card at all. I’ve had this since I bought my PS3 back in 2007, when using this card to purchase the PS3 gave you an instant $100 credit. Pretty sweet though.


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