Disney Halloween Souvenir Madness, Mastercard ID Theft Protection, More Citi Prestige Changes

Citi Prestige

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The Morning Shave

Mastercard ID Theft Protection. – Remember, credit cards offer more benefits than sign on bonuses and 2x-5x spend at certain stores.  There are some really valuable benefits that most people do not pay attention to.

This Disneyland Halloween Souvenir Is Causing Longer Lines Than the Rides. – More proof that Disney is the master at marketing.  Would you stand in line for one of these?

Ummm can Disney World get this popcorn bucket??? 🍿 (📷: @debbiewilsonn )

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U.S. Business Travelers Are Confident Emerging Tech Will Improve Travel Experience, but Fear Impact on Mankind. – We are totally on the verge of losing our humanity.  Where people value virtual interactions more than IRL (in real life).  Brands that continue the personal touches will ultimately win out over brands that use robots and chatbots, etc. to handle customer interactions.  When was the last time you were happy to punch through a phone tree vs. being greeted by a live person when making a call?

5 Top Theme Park Trends Dominating the Season. – I’m looking forward to attending more theme parks with the kids next year.  What about you?

Citi is Considering More Changes to the Prestige Card. – For the love of God, will you quit messing with this card?!?!?!  Hopefully Citi is realizing the error of their ways and how the recent devaluation of benefits is making their card worth less compared to their premium card rivals.


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