LA to Napa for $99 each way in a private jet

JetSuiteX Napa for $99
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I have to fly to San Francisco for a business conference next week.  I thought about trying out Southwest’s new route from Long Beach to Oakland.  But when I can take a private jet for less money than an economy seat on a Southwest flight, private is going to win every time!

Southwest – Long Beach to Oakland

Southwest begins service from Long Beach to Oakland on Sunday, June 5, 2016.  This is the first time that Southwest has flights out of Long Beach and is a direct challenge to JetBlue’s supremacy at the Long Beach airport.  There are now 6 airports in the Southern California that Southwest flies out of – LAX, Orange County, Ontario, Burbank, San Diego, and, now, Long Beach.

Here’s a sample of the fares from Long Beach to Oakland from Southwest.

Southwest Long Beach to Oakland 2016 June

JetSuiteX – Burbank to Concord

JetSuiteX offers several different flight options from Burbank: to Las Vegas, San Jose, and Concord.  And from San Jose, there are flights to Bozeman, Montana.  Must be for all those rich dudes that own ranches.

JetSuiteX where we fly

I’m taking the flight from Burbank to Concord.  I mapped out the distance on the BART from Concord to Montgomery Street in San Francisco and the time is just a few minutes longer than what it is from Oakland.

For those of you who want to visit Napa Valley, there is a Hertz Rent A Car at the Concord airport, so you can be drinking some of the finest wines California has to offer about an hour after landing!

Alas, I have work to do in San Francisco.  I’m taking the evening flight from Burbank to Concord, then will catch an Uber to the BART station, and will be in San Francisco in time for dinner and a stay at my favorite San Francisco hotel, the Sir Francis Drake.  My conference is at the Ritz Carlton is up the street from the Drake, but I’d rather stay with Kimpton — for the benefits and for the special treatment I always receive.

Limited time offer of $99 flights each way

Through June 6, 2016, you can book JetSuiteX flights for only $99 each way from Burbank to Concord.

JetSuiteX Napa for $99

Even though Southwest is my preferred domestic airline, as you can imagine, the private jet experience of JetSuiteX will be much more enjoyable than an economy seat on Southwest.

JetSuite why fly private

The planes have a maximum capacity of 30 people, and I can’t imagine that the flight will be full either.  JetSuiteX calls the Embraer E135 “everyone’s private jet” because you get luxury treatment at a reasonable price.  I’ll be sure to write about my experience after my flight next week.

JetSuite onboard experience

Here are some of the luxury, private jet amenities that are included in the price of your ticket:

  • Flight attendant service
  • Comfortable leather seats
  • Business class legroom
  • Soft private jet interior
  • Extra soundproofing
  • No overhead storage bins for a more spacious cabin
  • Free WiFi onboard
  • Free inflight entertainment
  • Power outlets at every seat
  • Complimentary gourmet snacks, beverages, wine and spirits

And the kicker is that JetSuiteX has a relationship with JetBlue for customers to earn JetBlue points for their flights on JetSuiteX.

I’m looking forward to my flight next week

I’ll be flying in a private jet with 30 of my (soon-to-be) closest friends.  We’ll be enjoying amazing levels of service and plenty of freebies, like wifi, gourmet snacks, and alcoholic beverages, all for about the same price as a Southwest flight.

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  1. This is an amazing promotion! You are going to be very spoiled though. I know it is hard to go back to flying commercial after having a private experience. One of my friends got to fly private from MSP to New York and said it was incredible. I will be excited to hear about your experience. I wish I had an LA trip soon because I would take advantage of this special myself! Enjoy the flight and I hope your meeting goes well.


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