AA 737MAX8 = A Flying Prison, Entire Country Does Secret Santa, Star Wars: The Vacation

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The Morning Shave

The Entire Nation of New Zealand Is Doing a Secret Santa and We Want in. – How cool is that?  It went from an idea of one man on Twitter to now being a state-sponsored event.  The power of an idea!

American Airlines 737MAX8 “Like a flying prison.” – This writer does not hold back about how horrible it is to fly in the new cramped seating arrangement on the AA 737MAX8’s.  I’m not a big dude, and even I’m squeezed on planes today.  I can’t imagine how it can get worse… but apparently it can.

prison pillory-2515656_1920
Not sure which will be comfortable, these or the new AA 737MAX8 seats?

Is Anxiety Leading to More Travel Insurance Sales? – It totally is.  I even bought travel insurance for the first time this year.  I just wish that I had bought it before Timmy and I got stranded in the Cayman Islands and Atlanta on our way home from the Kimpton Seafire Resort.

Star Wars: The Vacation. – This could be epic.  Think the wife would agree to it?

JetBlue Eliminates Free Standby, Increases Price For Same Day Flight Changes. – Not cool JetBlue.  Some really negative changes from an airline I thought was more similar to no-fee airline Southwest than the “we charge for everything” big-boy airlines.


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