OKC Thunder Plane Hit Mid-Air, Mile High Club in Detroit, Citi Hilton Becoming Amex

OKC Thunder Steven Adams airplane

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The Morning Shave

Capital One using the 24 month card limit rule. – You had to know that other banks would start adopting these types of limitations.  Personally, I haven’t been approved for a Capital One card in about 10 years.  Have you had any recent success with Capital One?

OKC Thunder Players Surprised to Find Huge Dent in Plane After Landing. – Talk about scary!  You have to wonder what they hit to have caused such damage.  However, when you’re traveling as fast as an airplane does, it doesn’t take much.

Report: 2 passengers who met on plane accused of sex on flight to Detroit. – Talk about in-flight entertainment.  And talk about being awkward if you’re sitting next to this couple!  Reminder that sex in public is cause for arrest for lewd behavior.  Do your thing in privacy (aka the bathroom).

Citi Hilton Cards Will Be Converted Into American Express Hilton Cards. – So many people have asked me this question.  And I have both the Citi and Amex Hilton card, so I’ve been wondering how this will work out for personal reasons.  I guess it is time to cancel one of them in 2018.

Is pre-boarding for families with children really needed? – If you’ve ever traveled with children, you know that it is needed.  Most of the time, my kids are pretty good, but traveling with kids can be a crapshoot and the extra time is very welcome when you’re trying to get them into their seats and put all of the bags away.

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Featured image courtesy of Steven Adams of the OKC Thunder.

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