Marriott Rewards Flash Sale – Save up to 50% off!

Marriott Rewards flash sale 2017

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Marriott Rewards is having a flash sale where you can save up to 50% using your points to buy products from their catalog.  I’m sure there are some good deals, but using points this way is usually a bad idea.  Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the Marriott Rewards Flash Sale to buy gifts.

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Marriott Rewards flash sale 2017

How to earn Marriott Rewards points

You can earn Marriott Rewards points in many ways.  The standard answer is from staying at Marriott properties.  But there are plenty of other ways to earn Marriott Rewards points:

  • Transfer from SPG at 3:1 ratio (transfer 1000, get 3000)
  • Spend on the Marriott co-branded credit card
  • 1000 points weekly during NFL season from Marriott-NFL Tweet promotion
  • Marriott promotions, like MegaBonus
  • Rent a car with Hertz
  • And so many more

But now that you’ve earned bunches of Marriott Rewards points, what should you do with them?

Marriott Rewards Flash Sale

With the Marriott Rewards Flash Sale, you can save up to 50% off in the Marriott Rewards product catalog.  This is a one-day sale that starts at 12 noon Eastern time.  If you’re interested, you need to act quickly!

Marriott Rewards flash sale 2017 items

Marriott has not provided a list of all of the items available during the Marriott Rewards Flash Sale, but they usually have a large selection of some of the top names in retail available.  From the site, they hint at watches from Michael Kors, headphones from Sony, and coolers from YETI.

Before you buy, consider doing a quick search on places like Amazon to make sure that the price you’re paying in Marriott Rewards points is worth it compared to the prices available elsewhere.

Click here to get to the Marriott Rewards Flash Sale.

Other ways to spend Marriott Rewards points

Here are some other ways to spend Marriott Rewards points that might offer better value for you.  The most important thing is to know what is available, so you can make an educated decision on what’s best for your situation.

Hotels and airlines are working to make their miles and points as flexible as possible so that they can compete with bank-issued points.  As you can see, there are so many other options for redeeming your Marriott Rewards points besides hotel stays.

The Bald Thoughts

Although the prices are better during the Marriott Rewards Flash Sale, I would rather spend my Marriott Rewards points on Travel Packages where you get a 7-night stay and a bunch of airline miles.  However, when you’re working to stay within a budget, sometimes the “best” redemption isn’t always the best redemption for you.

Like I always say, the best redemption is one that you’re happy with… even if you didn’t maximize the potential value of the points.

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