Georgia Dome demolished for hotel, $99 Flights to Europe, Citi Employee Stole Info

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The Morning Shave

Did A Citi Employee Steal Your Personal Information Too? – This is the worst kind of identity theft because there’s nothing you could have done to prevent an inside job like this.  A reminder to always stay vigilant, review your statements, and watch out for unknown charges.

Georgia Dome Demolition Sets Stage for New 1,010 Room Luxury Headquarter Hotel. – So sad to see the Georgia Dome go down, but the new Atlanta Falcons stadium is pretty amazing.  I wonder if this hotel will be affiliated with one of the major brands, or if it will be independent?

WOW! Fly to Europe for only $99. – So tempting, but always leery of how much it will cost for all of the add-ons.  Still, if you are flexible, can pack lightly, and are adventurous, this might be your best option to fly to Europe on the cheap.

Biometrics: Facial recognition tech coming to an airport near you. – The future is upon us and Big Brother is watching.

The 23 Items to Pack for Every Solo Trip. – I never thought about bringing extra passport photos (in case your passport is lost), but that totally makes sense.

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  1. I was ok with saying goodbye to the dome. It looked about 15 years older than it actually was inside. I think the plans for the space could help the area. Now if Turner field had been imploded I would have found that sad.


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