Drone Hits Plane, LaGuardia Bomb Threat, Cockroaches on Planes

Not the actual drone that hit the plane

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The Morning Shave

What Hotels And Wineries Are Damaged or Closed due to the Napa and Santa Rosa Fires. – So many people were affected by this tragedy.  And it is going to take years for these communities to be the same again.  One of my co-workers barely escaped with his family wearing only pajamas.  They didn’t even have time to grab shoes.  Here’s their GoFundMe page if you’d like to donate.

Drone Hits Passenger Plane in Canada. – Unfortunately, this won’t be the last time this happens.  At least the plane was safe and was able to land safely.  People need to use common sense and realize how they affect others.

Not the actual drone that hit the plane

LaGuardia Airport Evacuated after Bomb Threat. – I know dealing with airlines can be frustrating, but making a bomb threat has to be one of the all-time worst moves you can make.  Nothing good will ever come from it.  And you’ve interfered with the lives of literally 1000s of people who had to evacuate the airport… and everyone who had a delayed flight at 100s of airports across the country.

More Than 100 Cockroaches Were Found on 2 Planes — and It’s Unclear Where They Came From. – Absolute yuck.  Another reason why I usually never eat airplane food.

More Details Emerge About American Express Tier One. – That is a lot of money to spend for such a vague list of benefits.  I would want more details before I concentrated that much money on one card.

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