Amex Lounge PHL Opens, Cheap Fares Killing Value of Miles?, Browser Tool Shows Miles Earned

Timmy in lay flat business class seat
Timmy (26 mos) in Business Class flying back from Paris & Spain

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The Morning Shave

Today is Opening Day For the New American Express Lounge Philadelphia. – So many flyers have been waiting for this day.  My friend John was just there and was disappointed he missed it by a couple of days.  Who has plans to visit?

How great flight deals have killed frequent flyer miles… – I agree this can be the case for airline miles on Economy flights to certain destinations, which is why having flexible points such as US Bank FlexPerks, Amex Rewards, and Citi ThankYou points that you can redeem on any airline when you find killer cash-based deals is key.  Redemption of airline miles for Business and First Class flights remains your best value.

Anna in business class LHR to LAX
Anna in business class LHR to LAX on way home from Italy in December 2016.

Cool browser tool shows miles you’ll earn and if you can upgrade – BEFORE BOOKING… – This is a great idea!  Especially for people looking to book mileage runs.

Brazil wisely adds e-Visas for US citizens. – Great news for anyone wanting to travel to Brazil.  I wish they would have launched this before the Olympics to make our lives a little easier.  Seems like Brazil is wanting to encourage international travel.

New security steps mean longer waits for inbound U.S. flyers. – We need to figure out a better way of stopping terrorism without subjecting everyone to additional time delays and inconvenience.

With little fanfare, U.S. airlines mounted extensive storm relief. – For all of the grief we give airlines, it is inspiring to see them do the right thing to take care of disaster victims in the Caribbean.

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