Don’t Apply For US Bank Altitude?, American Reduces Legroom (Again), $20 Summer Concerts

The Morning Shave 2017-05-04

Welcome to The Morning Shave.  We read a ton of travel articles each day for our personal research and to share the best travel tips and tricks with you.  Here are the articles for Thursday, May 4, 2017, that we think you should read.


The Morning Shave

5 Reasons to NOT Apply for the US Bank Altitude Reserve. – I’m considering getting this card, but only after I finish my rental property refinances.  No credit card is worth paying a higher rate on your mortgage over the next 30 years!

US Bank Altitude Reserve card
Will you be applying for this new premium card?


With Visas Tight, US Resorts Struggle To Find Seasonal Help. – As much as we may want to hire American workers, there are some jobs we won’t do… or won’t relocate to do.  I know that when I go snowboarding, many of the workers are international kids in their 20s.  Should American kids do these jobs?  Yes.  Will they?  Most likely not… their parents spoil them too much and give them participation trophies.

American Airlines Reduces Legroom, Why It’s Your Fault. – I hate flying Economy on American due to the already small pitch today. I’m not a big dude, and I feel crunched. It’s only going to get worse.

You can get $20 tickets to over 1,000 summer concerts right now. – Which concerts will you go to?  For $20, even if something good isn’t playing locally, it would be worth using some miles & points to see a concert in another city.

Get half off an all-inclusive beach resort with IHG promotion. – This is a pretty epic sale, especially when you can book the all-inclusive properties.  I just wish I had more time to take advantage of the sale.

U.S. Facing Shortage of Yellow Fever Vaccine for Travelers. – Scary indeed.

We need new law to prevent another United fiasco. – Some of these solutions sound good, but are they really?  For instance, forcing a 60-minute lead time for airline crew wanting to fly?  What happens if their original plane was delayed?  What flights will get canceled/delayed because they couldn’t catch this plane?


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