The Morning Shave: Alaska 10k Bonus Miles & Andaz All-Inclusive


Welcome to The Morning Shave.  We read a ton of travel articles each day for our personal research and to share the best travel tips and tricks with you.  Here are some great articles to consider reading.


The Morning Shave

Unexpected Perks from T-Mobile and new “All-In” Uncarrier Promotion – as a T-Mobile user, I love their international coverage.  I’m stoked to read about their new benefits and pricing.  Click here for the latest T-Mobile web-only promotions.

More Details on 10,000 Free Alaska Airlines Miles! – it seems as though Alaska is giving 10,000 free Alaska miles to almost every.  Sadly, my bonus points haven’t posted yet.  Have yours?

Alaska Airlines 10000 bonus points

5 tips for complaining to airlines, and why it never hurts – yes, you should complain when there are issues.  Believe it or not, airlines (and hotels) want to fix customer service issues.  And they’ll often compensate you with miles or credits for future flights.

All-Inclusive Rates now available at Hyatt Andaz Papagayo – Kathy shares the response from the resort’s management about whether Points + Cash, free nights from certificates, or points stays qualify for all-inclusive.  I went to this Andaz with my son in August 2016 and Anna wants me to take her this summer because it was so beautiful.

Drone Rips Huge Hole In Commercial Plane While Landing – Seriously people?

Not the actual drone that hit the plane

The Best Ski Resorts for Hitting the Slopes This Winter – I’m looking forward to teaching Timmy how to snowboard this season with trips to Mammoth, Big Bear, and possible Tahoe.  Will you be hitting the slopes this winter?

One of California’s famous ‘drive-through’ trees toppled by winter storm – in one of the saddest bits of news from today is the loss of one of California’s Giant Sequoia trees.  You used to be able to drive through them, but hiking was only allowed in recent years.

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