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BaldFinance square logoAs many of you know, I have another blog at, where I post about personal finance and my family’s journey towards financial independence.  I talk about how ways to save money, investment strategies, ways to improve your credit score, and so much more.

After speaking with some people I admire (Randy, Angelina, and Doug) about how to reach more people and build a stronger following, rather than writing on two different websites, I am combining the two sites into one in 2016.

Why Personal Finance & Travel?

Basically, it is this focus on personal finance that allows me peace of mind (aka bills paid and money in the bank) to travel the world and to take advantage of credit card offers offering huge sign on bonuses.  And, by having my bills taken care of, I can do the occasional splurge while traveling to enjoy “once in a lifetime” experiences.

So, I hope that you welcome the new mix of travel and personal finance.  If personal finance isn’t your thing, ignore those posts.  However, it’s my goal to inspire and encourage you to greater financial success through my journey, so that you too can enjoy a lifetime of prosperity and travel.

If you have any topics you’d like me to cover, whether they be about travel or personal finance, please contact me on our contact page or via social media — Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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